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 Volume 2, Number 27   July 19,  2004            The weekly online supplement to DanceView magazine

In this issue:

The Ashton Celebration ends:
3 different casts of "Cinderella" reviewed (by Mindy Aloff, Susan Reiter, and Mary Cargill)


if you didn't check us during the week, see the three "Scenes de ballet"/divertissements/"Marguerite and Armand" reviews (by Mindy Aloff, Mary Cargill and Leigh Witchel)

In other news:

Mindy Aloff's Letter from New York concerns Mikhail Baryshnikov in "Forbidden Christmas"

Clare Croft reviews Shen Wei

Rita Felciano reviews "The Water Bearers" from San Francisco

Lisa Traiger reviews Provincial Dance Theater and Kinetic, from ADF's Russian Festival

Marc Haegeman reviews Paris Opera Ballet's "La Sylphide"

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Mindy Aloff's
Letter from New York

Forbidden Christmas, Or The Doctor and the Patient

Read past Letters

Paris Opera Ballet's "La Sylphide":
Spiritless Sylphs, But a Fine New James

by Marc Haegeman

Shen Wei
"Connect Transfer"
Whole Art

by Clare Croft

Provincial Dances Theatre and Kinetic at ADF
Russian Rites of Passage

by Lisa Traiger

Medicine Wheel Dance Project
“The Water Bearers”
A Good Idea Going Nowhere

by Rita Felciano



Special Section
(background on ballets, Ashton, Links, more)

Lincoln Center Festival
Ashton Celebration

Index of all Celebration Reviews.

New! Photos from the first week of the Celebration, by Stephanie Berger, have now been added to the reviews of first week performances.

An Interview with Sylvie Guillem
about "Marguerite and Armand," Ashton, Nureyev, and other matters

by Ismene Brown

Reviews of all three casts of "Cinderella":

A Ballet for All Seasons
July 17, 2004 evening

by Mary Cargill

"Cinderella" at the matinee
July 17, 2004 matinee

by Susan Reiter

July 16, 2004 evening

by Mindy Aloff

Reviews posted last week, in between editions:

Scenes and Variations:
Ashton’s Chic Beauty

by Leigh Witchel

Hearty Meal

Scènes de Ballet; Divertissements; Marguerite and Armand

by Mary Cargill

The Ashton Ballerina
Scènes de Ballet; Divertissements; Marguerite and Armand

by Mindy Aloff


Index of Reviews

Dick Cavett interview with Sir Frederick Ashton (1981)

"Looking at Ashton" by Bruce Sansom

"Enigma Variations" by Mary Cargill

"The Right Giants" by Alexandra Tomalonis

background information on the ballets, Links, more!

Thank you, Nigel Redden, Director, Lincoln Center Festival!  (Thanks also to David Eden, for whom we did not have a photo) (Photo: Stephanie Berger)

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The Spring issue of Danceview is out!

Mary Cargill
Roots and Branches
NYCB’s Winter Season

Lynn Garafola
Reviving Pillar of Fire
An Interview with Donald Mahler

George Jackson
The Sleeping Beauty
Foot and Face Matters

Mary Cargill
An Interview with Jonathan Riedel

Lynn Garafola
Neumeier’s Nijinsky

Gay Morris
New York Report
Paul Taylor at City Center, Noh at the Japan Society, Stephen Petronio at the Joyce

Jane Simpson
London Report
English National Ballet, Royal Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, Nina Ananiashvili, Dance Theatre of Harlem

Rita Felciano
Bay Area Report
Dance Theatre of Harlem, Dimensions Dance Theater, Batsheva Dance Company, Scott Wells & Dancers, Flyaway Productions, Erica Shuch Performance Project


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