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 Volume 3, Number 20  May 23, 2005     The weekly online supplement to DanceView magazine

The Royal Ballet
“Three Songs – Two Voices”/"The Dream"; "Swan Lake"

Classics and Contrasts

by John Percival

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
The Phantom Project

Fascinating Phantom

by Rita Feciano

Washington Opera
"Samson et Dalila"

Expecting Flesh But Getting Blood

by George Jackson

Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co.

Reticent "Tracings"

by Leigh Witchel

New York City Ballet
Spring Season

Hail and Farewell
by Mary Cargill

Modern Times
by Leigh Witchel

Lawrence Goldhuber
"Julius Caesar Superstar"

Hail Caesar!...Sort of....

by Susan Reiter

The Japan Society
Solo/Duo: Showcase for Emerging Japanese Dancer/Choreographers and
Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture
Exhibition and Public Art Works curated by Takashi Murakami

Revenge of the Otaku
by Tom Phillips

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Letter From New York
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An Appreciation of Dame Alicia Markova and Maude Lloyd (by John Percival)

Merce Cunningham Dance Company's Events (by Nancy Dalva)

An interview with Royal  Danish Ballet great Arne Villumsen (by Eva Kistrup) about his training and his career. and passing on a tradition

An interview with former New York City Ballet soloist and current SAB teacher Susan Pilarre about Balanchine and teaching (Tom Phillips)

Reports from London (the new revival of "Sylvia") by Jane Simpson, New York (Gay Morris) and San Francisco (Rita Felciano)

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