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2003, A-B-C:

ABT Studio Company

Tudor, Forsythe and New Works at the New Skirball
December 5, 2003;
By Susan Reiter

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre:

Ailey's Feast of Dancing and Premieres
(December 13, 2003; Susan Reiter)

American Ballet Theatre:

At City Center, New York, October 2003:

A Taste of the Sublime, A Dollop of Kitsch:
ABT Opens at City Center
(October 22, 2003; Eric Taub)

An Elusive Pillar of Fire, a Divine Symphonic:
ABT's Master Works Program
(October 23, 2003; Mindy Aloff)

Forsythe's Stunning workwithinwork
(October 24, 2003; Gia Kourlas)

Fancy Free, and a Friendly Matinee
(October 24, 2003, matinee; Eric Taub)

Settling in to the Master Works
(October 26, 2003; Eric Taub)

Dorian—Not Quite Wilde Enough
(October 30, 2003; Gia Kourlas)

Flying Panthers and Other Wonders
(November 1 and 2, 2003; Eric Taub)

ABT's Innovative Works Program is a Popular Hit
(November 4, 2003; Eric Taub)

McKerrow's Powerful Hagar, and an Extraordinary Debut
(November 5, 2003; Mary Cargill)

ABT Winds Down with Fireworks, But Dorian Still Seems Silly
(November 6 and 9, 2003; Eric Taub)

Ancestors of Siberia

Shapeshifting from Siberia
Ancestors of Siberia, part one
Friday, September 12, 2003; reviewed by Ann Murphy

Bailes Ineditos

"Look at How Gypsy I Am"
November 22, 2003; Tehreema Mitha

Ballet Boyz

The Ballet Boyz
George Piper Dances
September 23-27, 2003 (London); Jane Simpson

Ballet Boyz
October 21, 2003;
By Alexandra Tomalonis

Athletic Dancing, Thoughtful Dances
November 7, 2003; by  Eric Taub

Ballet San Jose Silicon  Valley

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley
San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
October 17, 2003; by Rita Felciano

The Nutcracker
December 12, 2003;
by Alison Garcia


He Never Dances In the Same River Twice
June 2003; reviewed by Ann Murphy

Anne Bluethenthal

Quintessential Bluethenthal
July 18-20; by Rachel Howard

Black Burlesque

Black Burlesque (Revisited)
November 25, 2003; by Rita Felciano

Bowen-McCauley Dance

Bowen McCauley Dance
October 15, 2003; by George Jackson

Brisas de España Flamenco Dance Company

Flashy Flamenco
August 10, 2003; by Ann Murphy

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence

Emotional Highs
October 26, 2003; b
y Susan Reiter

Caminos Flamencos

Flamenco, Hot and Spicy
July 18-20, 2003; by Rachel Howard

Career Transition for Dancers' Ninth Annual Gala

Gotta Dance
October 27, 2003; By Susan Reiter

Chitresh Das Dance Company

Fusion Centered
May 29, 2003; by Paul Parish

City Dance Ensemble

CityDance Ensemble
October 22, 2003; b
y George Jackson

Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan

Moon Water
November 1, 2003; by Ann Murphy

Moon Water
November 16, 2003; by Susan Reiter

Companhia de Danca Deborah Colker

4 Por 4
October 9, 2003; by Lisa Traiger

Company C

Kids Only
September 5, 2003; by Rachel Howard


Monk by Sara Shelton Mann
October 2, 2003;
By Rita Felciano

Monk by Sara Shelton Mann
October 2, 2003;
by Ann Murphy

Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Chances Are
October 14, 16-18, 2003;
by Nancy Dalva














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