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2003, P-Q-R

Paris Opera Ballet

Balanchine Tribute
October 2, 2003; Marc Haegeman

Symphony in C in Paris
October 15, 2003; Alexander Meinertz

Balanchine/Robbins Program and Liebeslieder Walzer
December 18, 20, 2003; Marc Haegeman

Project Bandaloop

Flying into the Unknown
November 21, 2003; Clare Croft

Quasar Dance Company

Separate Worlds
September 17, 2003; by Rita Felciano

Riedel Dance Theater

Salvation Goreyfied
November 20, 2003;
by Mary Cargill

Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre

Stylish Remakes of Famous Scores
November 8, 2003; By Rita Felciano

Wendy Rogers

Wild Life-a movement refuge
August 15. 2003;
by Ann Murphy


Keersmaeker's Rain
November 13, 2003; by Meital Waibsnaider

The Royal Ballet

La Bayadere (Covent Garden)
October 21, 2003; Leigh Witchel

Pavlenko Triumphs at Covent Garden
October 31, 2003; Marc Haegeman








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