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2003, S-T-U-V

Saba Dance Theatre

A Tasteless Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
November 15, 2003; by Susan Reiter

Carlotta Sagna

A: Carlotta Sagna's inside-out dance-theater
October 1-4; b
y Meital Waibsnaider

San Francisco Ballet

Fizz, Fun and Fog
The San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove
July 27, 2003; by Alison Garcia

Happy as Snow
A Joyous Nutcracker Opening

November 28, 2003; by Paul Parish

Shaolin Warriors

Kung Fu Kitsch
November 15, 2003; Lisa Traiger


Shift Gears
August 8, 2003; reviewed by Ann Murphy

Smuin Ballet

Two Ways to Tango
Tango Palace: Tangos, Fados, and other curios
October 25, 2003; by Ann Murphy

Roseanne Spradlin

November 8, 2003; b
y Susan Reiter

Summerfest 2003

Speed-date a composer
July 12, 2003; by Paul Parish

One Night Stands
July 15-16; by Rita Felciano

Things Happen
Summerfest, Program 4
July 21, 2003; by Paul Parish

The Wave Crests
Summerfest Program 6
July 24-25, 2003
; by Paul Parish

Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Dancing that Breathes
November 14, 2003; by Rita Felciano

All Tchaikovsky Evening
December 2, 2003; Alexandra Tomalonis

Deconstructing the Balanchine Couple
December 5, 2003; Clare Croft

Starting Over
December 7, 2003; Alexandra Tomalonis

Hit and Miss
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newart, New Jersey
October 11, 2003; and
Walt Whitman Hall
Brooklyn, New York
October 12, 2003; b
y Eric Taub

The Tango Lesson

The Tango Lesson
A film written and directed by Sallie Potter (1997)
by Ann Murphy

Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit
(a Conversation with Naima Prevots)
October 9, 2003; by George Jackson

Universal Ballet Academy

Classical Showcase
December 13, 2003; George Jackson









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