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Index of Reviews; 2004

American Ballet Theatre

Kennedy Center Season:

ABT's Without Program
February 3, 2004; Clare Croft

Debuts, Good Dancing, in ABT's La Bayadère
February 6-7, 2004, George Jackson

Spring Met Season:

ABT's Season Opens With a Sizzling Gala
May 11, 2004; Susan Reiter

Ananiashvili: Dancing Like a Dream in ABT's La Bayadère
May 17, 2004; Gay Morris

Michele Wiles: Getting to the Heart of Hagar
May 17, 2004; Susan Reiter

Roberta Marquez: a Tiny, Proud Nikiya
May 17, 2004; Mary Cargill

Svetlana Zakharova in La Bayadère
May 24, 2004; Mindy Aloff

A Pretty, Light Raymonda
May 24, 2004; Kate Mattingly

Refreshing Raymonda
May 24, 2004; Mary Cargill

ABT's Salute to Balanchine: the Babel Effect
May 31, 2004; Leigh Witchel

The Return of Part and Meunier
May 31, 2004; Susan Reiter

A World a Part
May 31, 2004; Mary Cargill

Catching Up with ABT
Raymonda, Ballet Imperial, Don Quixote
June 8, 2004; David Vaughan

Nina Ananiashvili; An Exemplary Raymonda
June 8, 2004; Mary Cargill

Don Quixote: Flourish and Fire
June 14; Kate Mattingly

Don Quixote: Lame Humor, Sizzling Dancing
June 14; Gay Morris

Don Quixote: Fanning the Flames
June 14; Mary Cargill

Deep Waters:
A Dangerous, Thrilling Swan Lake
with Veronika Part and Marcelo Gomes
June 16, 2004; Mindy Alof

Seeing Stars
with Nina Ananiashvili and Julio Bocca
June 21, 2004; Leigh Witchel

Michelle Wiles and David Hallberg
June 21, 2004; Mindy Aloff

A Sweet and Dazzling Swan Lake
with Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel
June 21, 2004; Susan Reiter





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