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Index of Reviews: 2004

New York City Ballet:

Winter Season, New York:

Some thoughts on Balanchine with references to Arlene Croce
January 13-14, 2004; Gay Morris

Prodigals, Gods, and Music:
"Heritage"  Week 1 at New York City Ballet
January 7 and 11, 2004; Susan Reiter

Balanchine's Magical Confection
January 17, 2004; Nancy Dalva

An Evening's Debuts
Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2/Harlequinade
January 20, 2004; Mary Cargill

Double Trouble
Double Feature
January 23, 2004; Mary Cargill

The Show Goes On
Donizetti Variations/Scotch Symphony/Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2
January 31, 2004; Mary Cargill

Designs That Pack a Punch
January 31, 2004; Susan Reiter

Swanilda's World
February 14, 2004; Mary Cargill

New Casts in Jewels
February 7 and 12, 2004; Mary Cargill

A Valiant Beauty
February 19, 2004; Mindy Aloff

A Veteran and a Raw Talent
The Sleeping Beauty

February 24 and 28, 2004; Mindy Aloff

Heart and Soul
The Sleeping Beauty
February 18 and 29, 2004; Mary Cargill

All Dressed Up
William Ivey Long's costumes for Double Feature
March 8, 2004; by Nancy Dalva

See also Mindy Aloff's Letter from New York for several columns about this season.

At the Kennedy  Center, Washington, D.C.:

Balanchine's Greatest Hits (opening night)
March 3, 2004; Alexandra Tomalonis

Roots and Riches (Program 2)
March 4, 2004; George Jackson

March 5, 2004, Alexandra Tomalonis

The Great American Dancer
March 6 (matinee); Alexandra Tomalonis

NYCB in DC: Last Look and Look Back
March 7 (matinee and evening) by George Jackson

A few thoughts on seeing the New York City Ballet at Kennedy Center after 17 years
March 15, 2004; by Sali Ann Kriegsman

What We See Is What We See
March 15, 2004; by Alexandra Tomalonis

Spring Season, New York

Etoiles, Imported and Home Grown
April 26, 2004;p Mary Cargill

A Meaty, Varied Program
May 3, 2004; Susan Reiter

Liebeslieder Walzer; as good as it gets
May 3, 2004; Mindy Aloff

Treats at the Ballet
May 3, 2004; Meital Waibsnaider

Real Time: Live from Lincoln Center
May 10, 2004; Nancy Dalva

NYCB's Evening in Vienna: Some Stunning Debuts
May 10, 2004; Leigh Witchel

A Splendid Four Temperaments
May 10, 2004; Mary Cargill

Wheeldon's Blood-drenched Reels
May 10, 2004; Mindy Aloff

Brick to Brown
May 17, 2004; Mary Cargill

Guest Performance: Ballo della Regina
May 17, 2004; Mindy Aloff

Weese's Sophisticated Charm in La Source
May 24, 2004; Susan Reiter

Matters of Temperament
May 24, 2004; Mary Cargill

Romantics Sour and Sweet
May 24, 2004; Leigh Witchel

Early Fireworks
May 31, 2004; Mary Cargill

Americans We
May 31, 2004; Leigh Witchel

I'm Old Fashioned
May 31, 2004; Mindy Alof

Fleet's In
May 31, 2004; Susan Reiter

A Different Faith
Martins' Chichester Psalms and Eros Piano
June 8, 2004; Mindy Aloff

Robbins-Bernstein-Martins: America
June 8, 2004; Leigh Witchel

Gods and Monsters
Mozartiana/Firebird/Symphony in Three Movements
Raymonda Variations/The Cage /Duo Concertant/ Firebird

June 14, 2004; Leigh Witchel

An Uneasy Mix
Mozartiana, The Cage, Andantino, The Firebird
June 14, 2004; Mary Cargill

Greek Night
Apollo, Orpheus, Agon
June 14, 2004; Leigh Witchel

Pretty in Pink
Raymonda Variations, Orpheus, Symphony in Three Movements
June 14, 2004; Susan Reiter

Mozartiana Revisited
June 14, 2004; by David Vaughan

Missing the Mark: Boris Eifman's Musagete
June 21, 2004; by Gia Kourlas

Russian American Music Festival
June 21, 2004; by Leigh Witchel

Celebrating Choreography with Fine Dancing
June 21, 2004; by Mary Cargill





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