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Index of Reviews: 2004


San Francisco  Ballet

San Francisco's 2004 Ethnic Dance Festival
You Can't Miss the Joy

June 14, 2004; Rita Felciano

Scott Wells and Dancers

Zen, If You Don't Mind
February 19, 2004; Paul Parish

James Sewell Ballet

A Vivid, Musical Talent
January 20, 2004; Susan Reiter

Sydney Dance Theater

Pushing It
February 19, 2004; Susan Reiter

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Three Classics and a New Dance: The Paul Taylor Dance Company Opens Its New York Season
Aureole/Three Epitaphs/Le Grand Puppetier/Promethean Fire
March 2, 2004; Susan Reiter

Gods and Demons
In the Beginning, Airs, and Piazzolla Caldera
March 3, 2004; Leigh Witchel

Gods and Puppets
Mercuric Tidings/Runes/Le Grand Puppetier
March 4, 2004; Mary Cargill

Paul Taylor's Sunset
Sunset/Dream Girls/Promethean Fire
March 5, 2004; Nancy Dalva

In the Beginning; from Houston to New York
March 12, 2004; George Jackson

Dante Variations
April 12, 2004; Rita Felciano

Time Lapse Dance

Conjuring Loie Fuller
February 17, 2004; Rita Felciano

Doug Varone

Russian Romance
February 3 and 6, 2004; Nancy  Dalva

A Weekend in New York
February 5-7, 2004; Clare Croft







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The Autumn DanceView is out:

New York City Ballet's Spring 2003 season reviewed by Gia Kourlas

An interview with the Kirov Ballet's Daria Pavlenko by Marc Haegeman

Reviews of San Francisco Ballet (by Rita Felciano) and Paris Opera Ballet (by Carol Pardo)

The ballet tradition at the Metropolitan Opera (by Elaine Machleder)

Reports from London (Jane Simpson) and the Bay Area (Rita Felciano).

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