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Ann Murphy


San Fransisco Ballet
Snow, Fog and East-West Treats; A Love Letter to San Francisco
December 20, 2005

Scott Wells and Dancers
A Wonderful, Wacky Swan Song
December 13, 2005

"A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Man"

Flying Horses
August 9, 2004

West Wave Dance Festival 2004

Program Three
A Breath of Spare Air
August 2, 2004


Randee Paufve
Randee Paufve in Bare Bones
May 24, 2004

Robert Moses Kin
Questions and Conversations
May 10, 2004

San Francisco  Ballet
A Brilliant Revisionist Sylvia
May 3, 2004

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley
Anemic Out of Africa
April 19, 2004

Alonzo King's Lines Ballet
Rite of Spring
April 19, 2004

San Francisco  Ballet
The Singing Body
March 15, 2004

God Is An Invention, Like Pizza
March 15, 2004

Merce Cunningham Dance Company
February 7, 2004

Stephen Petronio Dance Company
February 7, 2004

San Francisco  Ballet
Seasons Change in San Francisco
Quattro Staggioni, Study in Motion, Tu Tu

February 5, 2004

San Francisco  Ballet
An Intimate, Low-Key Gala
January 28, 2004

No One Danced at My Mother's Wake
January 2004

Yes, Dance Is; a preview


He Never Dances In the Same River Twice
June 2003

Brisas de España Flamenco Dance Company
Flashy Flamenco
August 10, 2003

Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan
Moon Water
November 1, 2003

Monk by Sara Shelton Mann
October 2, 2003

Sonya Delwaide
Du Passe Au Present
September 27, 2003

Emspace and Bibliodance
This is not a peep
November 14, 2003

Noh Project II
An intercultural dance/music/poetry performance installation
Sunday, August 3

Reburying Local Treasure
The Plight of the Oakland Ballet

The Heartbreaking Strangeness of Tere O'Connor
September 4, 6

Wendy Rogers
Wild Life-a movement refuge
August 15. 2003

Shift Gears
August 8, 2003

Smuin Ballet
Two Ways to Tango
Tango Palace: Tangos, Fados, and other curios
October 25, 2003

The Tango Lesson
A film written and directed by Sallie Potter (1997)




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