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Paul Parish


San Francisco Ballet
Fantastic Team Effort.... our New "Nutcracker"
December 20, 2004

Ballett Frankfurt
Weird and Wonderful Moves
June 8, 2004

Who is Sylvia, What is She?
May 11, 2004

San Francisco Ballet
Visionary Creatures - The Ashton Program
April 19, 2004

San Francisco Ballet
Tomasson's 7 for Eight: Stainless Steel and Angelic Grace
Paquite, 7 for Eight, Le Carnival des Animaux
February 24, 2004

Moscow Festival Ballet
February 21, 2004

Scott Wells and Dancers
Zen, If You Don't Mind
February 21, 2004

San Francisco Ballet
Some Fabulous Dancing
Quattro Stagione, Study in Motion, Tu-Tu

February 2004

In Memoriam: Nina Fichter
January 2004

Limon Dance Company
Big Time Dance Kicks In
January 2004

San Francisco  Ballet
Big Time Dance Kicks In
January 2004

San Francisco Ballet
The Pursuit of Happiness

Don Quixote
January 28, 2004


A Painting for Dancers
Choreographing Crowd Scenes:
Rubens' "The Road to Calvary"

Eve of Destruction
Akram Khan, Kaash
September 18, 2003

Chitresh Das Dance Company
Fusion Centered
May 29, 2003

Lili Cai Chinese Dance Company
15th Anniversary Performance
November 15, 2003

Mark Morris Dance Company
Majestic Harmony from a Different Time
l'Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato
September 4, 2003

The Hard Nut
December 12, 2003

Oakland Ballet
Still Oakland's Exasperating Ballet
September 12-13, 2003

Plucky Oakland Ballet Snaps Back
November 7, 2003

San Francisco Ballet
Happy as Snow
A Joyous Nutcracker Opening

November 28, 2003

Summerfest 2003
Speed-date a composer
July 12, 2003

Things Happen
Summerfest, Program 4
July 21, 2003

The Wave Crests
Summerfest Program 6
July 24-25, 2003





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