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Christopher Correa


"Pacific Overtures"
East Side Story
June 27, 2005

Facing West: Celebrate Ito, Horton, Lewitztky
In Praise of Women
June 13, 2005

City Dance Ensemble
What's the Score?
May 9, 2005

Washington Ballet's "Romeo and Juliet"
Two Star-Crosseds, One Star
April 18, 2005

Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Company
The Change is Everything
April 11, 2005

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
God Is In The Details
March 7, 2005

New York City Ballet
Only in New York
March 7, 2005

Washington Ballet
Kiss of Death
February 28, 2005


D.C. 10th International Improvisation Festival
A Zen Koan for the Body, by the Body
December 13, 2004

Dance on Camera Festival
Humanity and Hope in a Slick Postmodern Void
December 6, 2004

Mary Armentrout
“Solo Musings on Complicated Topics in a Surreal World
Tumbling in Her Pursuit of Truth
August 9, 2004

West Wave Dance Festival 2004
Program Two
Tripping the Light Bombastic

August 2, 2004

West Wave Dance Festival 2004
Program One
Light in the Attic

July 26, 2004





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